What am I supposed to write here? A brief biography or a description of the website? Both? Can someone just email me and tell me what they want to know? In the meantime, I’ll just wing it. This site is meant to be a dumping ground for my writing and dumb stuff I create. Plus, it makes me look like a cool professional if I have a website. Now that I think about it, I should probably get a black and white headshot done.


A little bit about me: I love creating. I hope when you read that sentence, your brain didn’t conjure up images of me tirelessly working on an oil painting in my basement or stitching a quilt made of war veteran’s handkerchiefs. I made cat poop ornaments one Christmas. I write fake diaries for peoples’ animals and then leave them in their houses to find. This is the kind of stuff I hope to eventually add to the section labeled “Dumb Stuff.” Ultimately, I like creating things to make people happy and most of the time, that stuff is pretty dumb.


When I’m not creating, I’m raising my son and daughter. I don’t want to sound insecure, but genetically my kids should not be as cute as they are. My son never stops moving and, as a result, is super ripped for a three year old. My daughter spends most of her waking hours smiling at everyone, which leads to us getting followed by people in the grocery store. I married one of the nation’s prom kings; he claims he’s a nerd which is highly offensive to those of us who are actually nerds. He’s a BFF and the one who helped me build this website. I’m also a Christian. Some of my older posts may not reflect my Christianity as much.


All right– we’ll talk later.