The Best Lasagna Recipe (It’s Not Healthy!)

I can’t take credit for this lasagna recipe. It’s literally called World’s Best Lasagna Recipe on All Recipes. However, I can take credit for making it several times and it turning out really good. I’ve also changed the name from “World’s Best Lasagna” to “Best Lasagna Recipe” because they’re not making lasagna on Mars. I bet Elon Musk thinks he will.

best lasagna recipe printable pdf
Here’s a cute printable I made with dimensions unlike any sheet of paper that exists on earth.

Now, I don’t follow this recipe exactly. For instance, Step 1 says to use a Dutch oven. I don’t even know what the heck that is. Is that what the witch used in Hansel and Gretel? I use a regular old pan.

Here’s another difference: I let the lasagna sit in the fridge over night before baking. Tastes way better. Plus it’s nice to break up all the slave work that goes into making a lasagna.

Also, 3/4 lb mozarella cheese? Maybe on one layer.

best lasagna recipe
These two are about to spend the night in the fridge.

Want to be extra fancy? Once I went to Target and realized they didn’t have sweet Italian sausage (why would they?) So I bought ground pork and made my own sweet Italian sausage using 1/3 of THIS recipe. Again, the lasagna tasted way better. I’m sure using fresh and fancy ingredients would make it taste better all around, but this is already a time consuming dish.

If you make this lasagna, let me know and invite me over.

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