Life Class: Busyness

These are my notes from Life Class taught at Barabbas Road Church. It was on “busyness.” I’m not going to post all the notes I took (cuz they’re MINE!), but I did want to share some of my favorite points. Coincidentally, I bought my 2020 planner this week. It’s the Day Designer for Blue Sky. I tried other planners, but this one is the best (for me). I wanted the brown leather-looking one, but it didn’t have the hourly breakdown for the days. Wah.

Busyness Is a Heart Issue

I. Signs That You May Be Too Busy:

(1) You feel guilty when you try to relax
(2) You can’t enjoy quiet (have to be distracted all the time)
(3) You seldom feel satisfied
(4) Always pushed by fear (FOMO!)
(5) You live for the reward of success

II. The Solutions to Busyness:

(1) Prayer – Pray over your schedules/to-do lists (e.g. ask for wisdom; ask how I can love God and others in how I spend my time)
(2) Praise – Count your blessings
(3) Prioritize – Make the best use of your time. Ask yourself: what is most significant in God’s view? Use the Word of God as a reference.

III. Other Great Points

– Remember: there are seasons in life. Manage your expectations based on the season you’re in.
– Christ offers us rest [Matt 11:29-30], joy [John 15:11], and an abundant life [John 10:10]. Don’t seek counterfeit ways to have rest, joy, and/or abundant life (brought up alcohol as an example)
– Be a good steward of these things: Time, Talents (spiritual gifts), and Treasure (finances)
– Encouragement: Don’t be afraid to look for encouragement. As a church body, we’re in this together; look to others for help. If someone is better at something than you (e.g. budgeting), then ask them questions.
– You will bear more fruit if you focus your time on a few things rather than spreading yourself thin over many things
– You’re never going to learn Spanish 😔

IV. Homework

Make a list of everything you do and want to do. Write down your to-do list, your dreams, everything. Don’t edit it. Be honest. Pray over this list. Organize it by priority. Begin crossing things off. Try to narrow down the top 3 (or so) things that you should do daily. Don’t let things further on the list (e.g. #30) come before higher priority things.

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