First Draft Done

Look who just came off the printer tray at Staples. Today is a happy day for me because I finished my first draft of my novel. 80,770 words. I wanted to be done by May 31st. This is like the first time I actually hit a goal. Anyway, I am SO relieved. I’m taking some time off before I do my edits. Thanks to everyone who encouraged me, prayed for me, and to my husband who took the kids for a few hours on Saturdays so I could get this thing done. As I said before, even if this book is poorly written garbage, I’m still going to publish it (God willing—obviously). And if you’re curious what it’s about, I’m going to be vague because I really HATE talking about it. It’s like when someone asks you what you’re going to name your baby and they don’t hide their disgust with your name choice and then you’re like, “Okay well, let’s never speak again, how about that?” So, I guess my answer is if you take The Princess Bride novel and cross it with Army of Darkness, that’s what I kinda imagine my book to be. I just hope it’s actually funny.