Don’t Let Your Blessing Be Depressing Poster

Did you forget to instruct and discipline your child today? This was one of those “ideas” that came to me and I just had to make it. I tried to go for the WWII propaganda-style poster. I’m terrible at design. My brain doesn’t “get it.” Composition, layout, color choice, etc are techniques/skills that don’t come to me naturally. I also have little drive to get better at them. Anyway, I looked at a lot of posters for inspiration and ideas.

Despite this particular style choice (vintage propaganda), I’m not trying to be misleading or manipulative. We really do need to instruct and discipline our children (in the Lord).

instruct discipline child verse bible ephesians 6:4

My son was a reluctant model. I also had my husband take a photo of me for the woman. I had to tweak the waistline and face to make her look more retro. From the photo, I traced the outline of the characters and water colored them, then went over some areas with ink. The sunburst shape was also done with watercolor. I scanned everything into the computer and rearranged using Photoshop.

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