Not Good Updater

Hello. I’m terrible at updating this thing. Oh well. Take it or leave it, friend. By the way, this is mostly just a book update. Very boring post.

So, let me back up a bit. May 29th I finished my first draft. Today is September 18th, which just reminded me I have some meat in the fridge that goes bad today. I haven’t touched my first draft all summer, in fact, I’m not even going to read the thing…maybe that’s not wise. I don’t know. I’m starting to second guess myself. Okay, I’ll read some of it.

Sitting in the garage, working, hoping my son doesn’t get run over by a car.

The reason I said I wouldn’t read it is because I’m doing a total overhaul on my manuscript. I’m changing the point-of-view/narration. Originally it was first person, but then I second guessed myself and switched it to third. Huge mistake. I wish I had someone to blame, but it’s my fault. I do dumb things.

Anyway, I haven’t set a firm goal to be done with my second draft, but December 31st is sounding nice. I haven’t started writing yet. At the moment, I’m writing all my “beats” out. Although not much is changing plot-wise from my first draft, there are a few tweaks that have to be made.

Okay, I’m done. I’m not even going to bother with “good SEO” on this post.